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NaRThanYa, the very name is synonymous with the word "Bharathanatyam", where

Natyam = Raagam + Thalam + Abhinayam

i.e Dance = Music + Rhythm + Expression

Created and conceived by Priya,  the  mission of NARTHANYA is:

  1. to pass on the varied culture and glorious heritage of  this traditinal artform through quality training  
  2. a comprehensive approach to the Fine arts by thorough grounding in both theorey and technique of dance
  3. to vigorously train and get students ready for their Arangetram and beyond
  4. to have quality students rather than quantity
  5. to initiate and encourage interaction with other groups for the purpose of enhancing the arts
  6. to create oppurtunities for the students to exhibit their talent, by taking part in several cultural events and activities
  7. to provide flexible class schedules to meet the need of working parents
  8. to provide a friendly and comfortable environment for students

Background Music
G D Prasad