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Smt. Rhadha, is an acknowledged exponent of the Vazhvoor tradition and her superb art is synonymous with with all that stands stand for purity and dedication. Smt. Rhadha started dancing from the age of five and her art blossomed naturally in the company of her sister Smt. Kamala.

Smt. Rhadha is a celebrated disciple of (the late) Vazhuvoor Shri. Ramaiah Pillai and she also had the fortune of learning KUCHIPUDI from Shri. Vempatti Chinna Sathyam.

Widely traveled, Smt. Rhadha has made her marks in all the Continents on the globe. She had the unique privilege of performing before the Queen Elizabeth II and Chou-en-Lai. She also had the honour to be delegate of the Government of India to the ASTA Convention in Los Vegas along with her sister Smt. Kamala.

Smt. Rhadha has brought to the fore several of her select sishyas through her dance school "PUSHPANJALI" which was started in 1982. This school has won a reputation of being one of the friendliest dance classes in Madras Priya deems it a rare honour and fortune to have been a disciple of Smt. Rhadha.

Smt. Rhadha has choreographed and produced dance dramas like Shri. Thyagaraja’s " NOUKA CHARITHRAM", Kumara Gurubarar’s "MEENAKSHI AMMAN PILLAI THAMIZH" and Maharajah Swathi Thirunal’s " BHAVAYE PADMANABHAM". Smt. Rhadha has also made a thematic presentation of Ambhujam Krishna’s " GITA MALA". She choreographed the dance drama JAYA JAYA DEVI, composed by the violin Maestro Lalgudi Shri G. Jayaraman and " SRI LAKSHMI PRABHAVAM " composed by 'Chitra Veena' Shri Ravikiran, Both of which were premiered at the Aradhana Festival in Cleveland, USA and had successful tours of US and Canada.

Several of Smt. Rhadha’s sishyas have started dance schools of their own in India and abroad. The Nungambakkam Cultural academy has awarded her with the title "NRITYA KALA SHIRONMANI", for her outstanding contribution over the last many decades for the cause of dance.

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